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'I want to use E-POS'

FlexClinics is a ZBC in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At FlexClinics they mainly do orthopedic and plastic surgeries. They stand out because they are new, but also because they are somewhat smaller. According to co-owner and anesthesiologist Peter van Aggelen, this ensures very short lines of communication with patients.

FlexClinics wants to offer patients the opportunity to have surgery in a pleasant environment.

FlexClinics has looked at which business processes can contribute to this. A good preoperative screening is part of this for FlexClinics. 'As an anesthesiologist I am directly involved in this,' says Van Aggelen. Since he still administers anesthesia in the OR, this means he needs a quick and good assessment of the risk class the patient is in.

This is why from the very beginning FlexClinics started looking for software that could support the smart design of the pre-operative screening. For Van Aggelen it was clear: 'I want to use E-POS'.

Why E-POS works for ZBCs like FlexClinics
At FlexClinics, we have automated much of the process. The back office sets up a measurement for the patients being operated on. From there, the patient can fill out the questionnaire and then receives information via E-POS about which form of anesthesia is appropriate for the surgery. Once the patient has completed it, the anesthesiologist can view the results of the questionnaire in the form of a report. Then he or she can make the choice: should the patient visit, should the patient at least be spoken to by phone, or does the patient not need to be contacted until the day of surgery itself.

This works very well. We also know from NovaCair that this has been extensively researched and that the reporting estimate is valid.

What are the benefits for the patients of FlexClinics?
the patient himself, the result is that E-POS provides an environment in which the patient can take a look at the options surrounding the surgery very calmly and in his own time and environment.

We find that our patients really appreciate this, because a visit to a practitioner (and that includes the anesthesiologist) is characterized by a clinical setting. So instead of having to answer some questions as quickly as possible within 10 minutes here on site, the patient can do this much more quietly and think about things better.

What exactly does FlexClinics get out of using E-POS?
us, the result of E-POS is a huge savings in the time we spend managing the flow of patients. Patients no longer have to wait in the waiting room, I can usually call patients in between my other work and that means I don't have any scheduled outpatient clinics, but I do the consultations at times that suit me, says Peter van Aggelen.

Ultimately, for me, it's the time savings and good clinical documentation that eventually shows up in my EHR as well.

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Integral linkage within the EHR

For a fast-growing clinic with a focus on patient-friendliness, it is vital that all processes are streamlined. 

' You don't want to burden patients within one care pathway with the same question multiple times. Says Peter. To ensure patient friendliness as well as scalability, it was important that all data be processed in the EHR in an unambiguous way.

The link between E-POS and CNS-connect, FlexClinics' EPD supplier, was necessary for this. Thanks to the clear customer requirements and good cooperation between NovaCair, CNS-connect and FlexClinics, the link was set up within 3 weeks. 

In the current setting, when a surgery indication is created, a task is set up to screen the patient preoperatively. The patient then completes the questionnaire and watches the videos to support informed consent. The data, calculations and recommendations resulting from the E-POS algorithm are sent back to CNS-connect. 

The advantage is that all FlexClinics employees work from a single system and all information is visible in a central location. 

All CNS-connect customers who want to start using E-POS, can use the same link.

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