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Zelfstandige klinieken Nederland (ZKN) and NovaCair have entered into a sponsorship agreement effective January 1, 2023. As a new partner, NovaCair will make its knowledge and expertise in optimizing the intake and preoperative process available to ZKN members. A number of clinics already work in practice with NovaCair's support or solutions.

NovaCair was founded in 2017 by Rik Bijl, anesthesiologist from the Amsterdam UMC. Bijl comments, "From practice, I know the problems that arise in healthcare. A lot of administration, minimal preselection for patients who need attention and staff shortages that have a great impact on the sustainability of our healthcare system. Problems that can often be solved by process adjustments and better cooperation between the shop floor and IT (systems). By taking a critical look at how the healthcare facility operates and, where necessary, supporting the process with software, it is possible to work more efficiently, making the shortages less noticeable.

Practical examples
In practice, clinics such as Bergman Clinics, the Heelkunde Instituut Nederland and Annatommie MC already work with NovaCair's screening software E-POS . This scientifically validated medical tool provides triage advice with the insights about patient comorbidity, applicable contraindications, the appropriate follow-up consultation based on the applicable guidelines. E-POS can already be linked to multiple EHRs.

Making the triage questionnaire available at patients' homes, sometimes even before the initial consultation with the specialist, gives patients time to make a choice about the applicable interventions. In doing so, the specialist immediately sees whether the patient falls within the clinic's scope of operations. This saves time for both patient and clinic and in some cases is used as a solution to shortages of POS or anesthesia staff.

Sponsorship opportunities ZKN
ZKN offers organizations the opportunity to join ZKN as a sponsor if they offer a relevant product or service for clinics. "In the case of NovaCair, we clearly see that they can potentially help clinics set up an even more efficient process. In addition, this form of screening that takes place partly in people's homes fits seamlessly with the principle of appropriate care." Says Hugo Meulblok, manager of association affairs at ZKN.

NovaCair and ZKN are working on a ZKN academy in the area of optimizing the intake and preoperative process. Novacair itself hopes to be inspired by ZKN members to come up with more useful applications within healthcare.

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