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Customer Cases

Integration HiX Dijklander Hospital

The Dijklander Hospital is the first hospital in the Netherlands to make it possible to digitally, with an integration with the HiX-EPD, screen patients safely at a distance.

FlexClinics: pre-op optimization for the independent clinic

Dozens of ZBCs and hospitals get instant visibility into patients' risk class by using preoperative software. Anesthesiologist Peter van Aggelen sets up his clinic more efficiently with E-POS.

Surgery Institute: digital application

The Surgery Institute is a focus clinic founded in 2005. The HIN monitors short queues at four locations in the Netherlands in part through rapid preoperative screening with E-POS.

Explanatory videos

What is E-POS?

Several general hospitals and ZBCs are automating preoperative screening with E-POS: A validated digital questionnaire with informational videos to support the Informed Consent, linked to the EHR. This saves 85% of outpatient consultations.

How does the HiX integration work?

Activation of the E-POS integration allows for completely digital screening of patients without the healthcare provider knowingly working with a system outside the EHR. 


Evaluation of electronic screening in the preoperative process.

Aneya van den Blink, along with M.J. Janssen and Patrick Schober, conducted a study of the electronic screening process for the outpatient clinic.