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All the necessary steps for implementing E-POS are described in the implementation plan. It can be downloaded as a PDF from this page.

Depending on the SPD, E-POS uses different protocols. This information is described on the following pages:

  • E-POS linking with ChipSoft HiX
  • E-POS Pairing with Nexus
  • E-POS pairing with Epic
  • E-POS linking with EMMA
  • E-POS Pairing CNS Connect
  • E-POS linking with other systems

Technical support from E-POS is defined in the Service Level Agreement that accompanies the contact.

NovaCair's support line is available at no additional charge on weekdays from 8:00am-6:00pm via:

  • Email
  • Phone

Because E-POS is a SaaS solution, most of the technical support is handled by NovaCair itself. This usually does not require IT time. In the connected setting, NovaCair helps to identify potential issues.

Yes, an SLA is part of the contract with NovaCair.

It is possible to download a sample Statement of Requirements in Excel from this link.

Digital security

NovaCair is ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 certified. This means that E-POS meets the applicable measures for delivering software to Dutch healthcare institutions. In addition, penetration tests are performed at regular intervals and all data is stored within Europe.

The use of E-POS is safe. The triage algorithm has been validated. The results of this study were published in The Journal of Clinical Anesthesia.

In addition, NovaCair has the ISO-NEN certifications required to deliver software to Dutch healthcare institutions.

A complete Excel report of all technical measures can be requested at this link.

E-POS is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

E-POS processes various personal data including relevant data on the patient's health status.

A complete list can be requested here via the contact page.

NovaCair's standard retention period is 1 year. Usually, the data is transferred to the hospital's internal storage before then. A longer retention period is negotiable.

Yes, these are performed at predetermined times.

All data processed in E-POS, we host within Europe.


NovaCair works with the train-the-trainer principle. This means that several hospital employees are trained by NovaCair in the use and support of E-POS.

These employees are the first line of support. This contributes to client self-sufficiency.

Any questions can be escalated to NovaCair's support line at no additional charge.

NovaCair's support line is available at no additional charge on weekdays from 8:00am-6:00pm via:

Users can log in through various modes:

  1. Online login via username, password and 2-factor authentication (possibly in combination with an IP block)
  2. SSO of the organization
  3. Login via SSO from the EHR vendor (in the case of an integrated solution).

Patients who complete a questionnaire typically follow the following workflow:

  1. The patient will automatically receive an email
  2. The patient clicks the link in the email and enters the web environment of E-POS
  3. Simultaneously, the patient or caregiver receives a code via SMS
  4. After completing the code, one can begin completing the questionnaire

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