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Annatommie MC

Annatommie MC is a specialty orthopedic clinic that has developed its own pre-op care pathway at E-POS .


Annatommie MC

Photo Anita Kuipers

Surgery Institute

Part of the reason for the short queues is the rapid completion of preoperative screening.


Anita Kuijper

Operations Manager at HIN

Bergman Clinics

Bergman Clinics move in Naarden has completed a successful pilot and is starting to scale up.


Naarden branch

Bergman Moving
Photo Peter van Aggelen


FlexClinics needs a quick and accurate assessment of the patient's risk class.


Peter van Aggelen

Anesthesiologist and medical board member

ETZ Tilburg

We find that we can better separate healthy and less healthy patients and thus help them better.


Anne Marieken Wolter


Dijklander Hospital

Dijklander Hospital is the first Dutch hospital to link E-POS to HiX.


John van Roy


Haaglanden MC

The Haaglanden Medical Center uses E-POS linked to HiX 6.3. Read more about the implementation process.


Annabel van Seffelaar Toorenburg

Manager POS and OK
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