E-POS: Validated preoperative screening software

By using preoperative screening software, many hospitals save more than 60% of the time associated with the preoperative process without loss of quality. Linked to your EHR.

"E-POS shows which patients can safely bypass the clinic"

Apply the validated triage algorithm of the preoperative screening software and determine which patients require extra attention, and which patients can be safely remotely cleared for surgery.

Results among academic patient population:

The benefits of E-POS


Right care, in the right place. Inform patients at their convenience with digital education.

Time saving

Save an average of 60% of time through better triage and reduced registration burden.

Improved planning

Perform actions earlier through early visibility into the patient's health status.

Increased quality of care

Free up time to care for complex patients and implement preventive measures.

The Netherlands' most widely used digital preoperative screening tool

Developed from the caregiver's point of view

By Rik Bijl, Anesthesiologist at Amsterdam UMC

During my own consultations, I encountered many low complexity patients where, in my view, the added value of the preoperative consultation was relatively small. In complex patients with multiple comorbidities, I often ran out of time for in-depth consultations. That had to change.

From there, E-POS, the validated preoperative screening software was born, developed and validated.


Optimal support for caregivers

NovaCair relieves medical and back office personnel during and after implementation. Functional and technical support remains available at no additional charge.


Impact estimation

To know how the clinic changes, NovaCair estimates the impact on the work process.


Technical implementation

The system is linked and customized to facilitate the healthcare facility's workflow.


Training & Go-live

No success without adoption. NovaCair trains the organization and remains on site during go-live.

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