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Handbook: How to implement E-POS software in a hospital.

Implementation E-POS

This handbook describes in steps how NovaCair supports customers and externals in configuring and implementing E-POS and what training is required for a successful go live with a high adoption rate.

Test report E-POS

This document displays a PDF report of a test patient screened preoperatively by E-POS. Download the PDF and see what information is available on patients screened with E-POS.

E-POS Project Planning

Software implementation in healthcare falls and stands with appropriate project planning. Download a E-POS project schedule in Excel and use it to see how much time an E-POS implementation will take within your organization.

Business case format

When considering the feasibility of a E-POS implementation, it is wise to write a business case. This template can be completed and submitted to the board. Drawing inspiration for your own format is of course also possible!

Demonstration video

If it is too early for a face-to-face or Teams product presentation, but there is interest in E-POS it is possible to receive a link to a video a product demonstration by e-mail. That way you can see right away what E-POS looks like.

HiX integration PDF

Before linking E-POS to HiX, it is wise to know what impact E-POS has on the HiX-EPD, the order workflow and the organization's IT ecosystem. This document describes how the E-POS order works.

ICT & Security PoA

NovaCair processes sensitive patient data. This Excel document contains the answers to the most frequently asked questions from hospital requirements packages on data security and IT integration.

Satisfaction E-POS

NovaCair annually measures customer satisfaction with products including E-POS. The results can be requested via the button below. Request the document and see the attitude of healthcare providers toward E-POS,

Validation E-POS

Amsterdam UMC has independently published a major study in The Journal of Clinical Anesthesia. This study ("Evaluation of electronic screening in the preoperative process") can be downloaded and reviewed for yourself.

Article: Integral Care Agreement

This article explains how E-POS is responding to the Integral Care Agreement. It discusses the issues within healthcare and the solutions from the IZA.